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GMext Pro

Boost Your Sales through Cost-
Effective Group/Mass Texting

Short. Powerful. Effective.

These three words sum up group/mass texting in a nutshell. When you need to deliver a short message quickly, there's nothing better than texting.


1. Text messages are read. Messages that go unnoticed have zero effectiveness. Text messages have an astounding 98% open rate. People notice and read texts--because they're short and convenient.

2. Text messages are affordable. It's true that other services charge outrageous rates because of the effectiveness of texting. We are different. We want YOU to reap the benefits of texting, so we make it available for only two cents per text. That makes texting not only effective, but also affordable.

3. Text messages create immediate results. When you need your loyal customers to take immediate action, send out a text and get immediate results. It's that simple.

Results from Other Users That You Can Have Too

Have a slow period of the day? Offer a special deal by text for that slow period and your customers will respond.

Have extra inventory that you need to move fast? Offer a special deal by text and your customers will be there.

Once you've experienced the power of a well timed text message, your mind will go wild with new ideas.

GMext Pro

GMext Pro is a software program that was designed to be easy to use so you can quickly gain maximum effectiveness. However, we recognize that learning anything new has inherent frustrations. We remove the pain of the newness by assigning you a personal Account Specialist to take you by the hand through the entire buying and setup process. It won't take long and you will have a trusted friend who can answer your questions. Your Account Specialist can even give you a monthly discount on your purchase.

Working with an Account Specialist makes the whole process much smoother. You'll be amazed at how quickly you're up and running with GMext Pro!

Just use the Contact Us page to send a message and get started now. Be sure to include your phone number, time zone and best time to call.